Gate Questions for ECE | Topic Wise Gate Questions ECE

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  1. sindhu

    very helpfull thanq so much sir.

  2. srinu

    thank you sir it helped a lot

  3. naidu

    thank you…………..

  4. Selvi

    Very useful….is there ese questions collection

    1. Admin


  5. Avinash

    It’s really amazing sir, thank you so much for the help…

  6. Anonymous


    1. AcademyEra Support Team

      if you find any mistake in the solutions please report us immediately, through the comment section or

  7. Anonymous

    why communication system questions are not here

    1. AcademyEra Support Team

      We will include today

  8. sneha

    Best website for gate ece aspirants…thanq u so much

  9. reetha

    they is not have Electronic circuit i

    1. Karthik


  10. Anonymous

    Here there is nothing about Laplace Transform,can you please add this topic

    1. AcademyEra Support Team


  11. Ajad

    Here there is nothing about Laplace Transform,can you please add this topic

  12. Anonymous

    how many previous years were covered in this topic wise gate questions?

    1. sruthi

      i seen papers from 1990 to 2020

      1. Archit Bansal

        Questions don’t seem to be updated after 2019, as there are questions related to integral calculus in gate ece 2020 which are unavailable here. Please update all the latest questions in all the subjects till this year’s gate.

  13. Rahul Rajpurohit

    Sir I think semicondutor questions are not there . Can you please add it?. Sir if you got time try to make a app and upload there with a section of test with timing. Plus please also add unlimted practise questions of all the braches . There is no perfect app for this . Thank you for your hardwork.

  14. Surya

    Thanks you karthik sir for providing these content freely… i do not know how to tell thanks to u sir. Your the saviour of the gate aspirants….keep writing so that poor students like me can able to read. once again all the best for your endeavour sir.

    1. AcademyEra Support Team

      Thanks, Surya…

  15. MOHI Y

    Why not the CMOS VLSI is there.

  16. AcademyEra Support Team

    We will provide you with the link shortly…

  17. Nitya Gopal Kar

    Hello Sir/Madam! Your previous year’s questions section for GATE EC 2019 – 2011 is very helpful. It helps me practice the questions along with the knowledge about the topics and subjects those questions belong to. So please upload all these for GATE EC 2010 and before along with for GATE EC 2020 – 2022.
    With regards,
    Nitya Gopal Kar A
    sincere GATE aspirant

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